Axis Cards™

Universal Account System

Enable businesses to issue and manage their own virtual cards that operate on Axis merchant terminals and are stored in Apple and Google wallets.

Designed by industry experts.

Axis Cards

Card & Account

An Axis Card is a virtual card stored in either an Apple or Google wallet. This card works with Axis Merchant Terminals, which accept both payments and Axis cards.

The card is linked to an Axis card account, featuring standardized data fields like name and mobile number, along with customizable data configured by the business.

Axis Cards


Apple & Google Wallets

Quickly issue and manage virtual cards compatible with Apple and Google wallets.


Tailor the system to meet your specific business needs.


Easily integrate with your PoS and other business systems.

Merchant Terminals

Leverage existing Axis infrastructure for seamless operations.

Axis Cards

Merchant Network

Join the Merchant Network, a growing community of businesses and individual members. We facilitate seamless interactions between members and merchants, saving valuable time for both. Become part of the network today and experience the benefits of efficient and smooth transactions.

Become part of the Merchant Network today!

Axis Cards

Application Programming Interface

Our APIs enable businesses to issue their own Axis Cards™ and seamlessly integrate them with their existing systems.

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Card Payment Processors
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Supported Android/iOS

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