Universal Account System

Axis Cards™ is the customisable virtual card and account system for businesses. 

Designed to be completely configurable using standard and custom integration points that allow enterprises to authenticate customers and facilitate payments easily.



Payment Processing

Accept all payment card types.


Axis Card authentication with or without a PIN.

Digital Signing

Send and digitally sign messages on a merchant terminal.

Data Storage

Store data against a card's account.

Issue & Manage

Issue via SMS and manage virtual cards compatible with Apple and Google wallets.


Customise card accounts and create custom events.

Technical & Configuration

Create custom data fields for your card accounts. 

Send and receive events from Axis Merchant Terminals directly to your business systems.

ReST architectural style APIs.

Runs on Axis cloud environment.

SMS service integration option.

Payment processing service integration option.


Merchant Terminals

Use our state-of-the-art Merchant Terminals that work seamlessly with Axis virtual cards and any payment card.

Alternatively, install Axis on your existing terminals.

Optionally, utilise our payment processing services to benefit from our highly competitive rates.

Your Business on our Card

Remove the complexities of creating and managing your own virtual card and account system.

Upgrade your existing customer account to encompass virtual cards.




Invite Customer Via SMS​


Customer Approves Virtual Card For Mobile Wallet​


Customer Authenticates
via Axis Merchant Terminal


Access customer account

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